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To enact the Education Act for Indigenous Peoples rectified on September 1, 2004, Item 1 of Article 29 of the Act mandates "The central competent indigenous people's affairs authority shall allocate specific funding and accept donations from individuals and corporate entities and establish an Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation to set up dedicated indigenous peoples' broadcasting channels and media enterprises engaging in culture-related broadcasting to pass on indigenous cultures and education." In addition, Article 12 of The Indigenous Peoples Basic Law enacted on February 5, 2005 mandates that "The government shall protect indigenous peoples' rights and access to broadcast and media, establish indigenous peoples' cultural affairs foundation and formulate plans to establish indigenous-language broadcast media and institutions exclusively for indigenous peoples."

According to the above laws, the Legislative Yuan passed the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation Establishment Guidelines on December 21, 2007 (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines) after three readings, and was approved by the President on January 16, 2008. Article 1 of the Guidelines clearly defines the mission of the Foundation: transmit indigenous cultural education and operate an indigenous cultural media industry. Therefore, overall operational responsibilities include:

  1. Planning of promotion services of indigenous broadcasting and exclusive television channels.
  2. Produce and promote indigenous cultural and broadcasting programs.
  3. Establish and promote indigenous cultural website.
  4. Counsel, organize and sponsor indigenous cultural, language, arts and broadcasting activities.
  5. Cultivate indigenous culture, language, arts and broadcasting workers and offer grants.
  6. Other tasks pertaining to indigenous culture, language, arts and broadcasting.

In accordance to Article 9 of the Guidelines which mandates that "directors and supervisors of the Foundation are to be selected from among indigenous representatives, academics and impartial parties in the community," the Legislative Yuan Council of Indigenous Peoples (hereinafter referred to as the Indigenous Council) announced the first 11 directors of the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation on August 6, 2009. Amidst fervent anticipations, Dr. Hung Chingyi, chairperson of the board, officially announced the opening of the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation (herein known as the Foundation) after three months of preparation on January 14, 2010.

On September 21, 2010, in its first meeting, the Foundation convened to increase its number of directors and supervisors, and added 4 directors and 2 supervisors to its board.

On September 21, 2012, the second Foundation meeting was convened to nominate candidates. 7 directors and 5 supervisors were elected and their names submitted to the Executive Yuan, and Dr. Chou Huei-ming was elected chairperson of the board.

The Foundation has been established for more than 4 years. Committed to its mission to "transmit indigenous cultural education and operate an indigenous cultural media industry," the Foundation has been operating steadily and strives to thrive. Finally on October 14, 2013, it obtained a satellite radio and television broadcast license to operate the indigenous television channel (hereinafter referred to as the indigenous channel), and on January 1, 2014, officially began operation.

Operation Philosophy

Upholding our mission to "transmit indigenous cultural education and operate an indigenous cultural media industry," we operate the indigenous television station and execute the various responsibilities of the Foundation. Our consensus this year is Renewal and Dynamic Creativity, and we seek to continue creating quality programs, and fulfill the rights of indigenous peoples to access broadcasting. At the same time, we strive to promote the roots of indigenous arts and culture, and will be Taiwan's cultural window to the world's cultural platform.

Indigenous People of Taiwan

The earliest masters of Taiwan are the indigenous people, who are the treasures of the land. The culture and language of each of the 14 tribes are distinctive, and tribal wisdom is passed down orally. For the 14 tribes, this Foundation is the organization that integrates the development of Taiwan's indigenous broadcasting, culture and arts, and unites them in the mission of transmitting indigenous cultural education.


Established in 2008, The World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN) is an international alliance of the world'''s indigenous television broadcast. Through media network, transmission of radio and television news, the world's indigenous languages and cultures are preserved and promoted. In addition, the WITBN undertakes to develop collaboration among the world's indigenous television stations and cultivate indigenous media network.

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